Our Staff

Chris Alexander

For over 30 years, owner and president Chris Alexander has proven himself to be highly qualified in home care, structural repairs, property maintenance and construction.  Chris brings a vast amount of knowledge in building and property maintenance and client relations. His expertise in caring for shore homes and estates is reflected in the quality of work and the personnel he hires.  His dedicated staff and commitment to excellence are unsurpassed in the industry.

kitty box.JPG

Miss Lil 


The office cat from North Carolina.

Our Office Team

The ones answering your questions and fielding your calls.  

Pictured from left to right: René, Chrissy and Norlaine.    

Our Field Crew

The team that allows C. Alexander Building & Maintenance Co., LLC to function day to day.  


Pictured from left to right: Tom, Gabriel, Finten, Brandon, Wil, Steve, Dave and Pedro.