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At C. Alexander, the comfort, safety, and convenience of our members are top priorities. Our services give you the peace of mind you need as a Longport homeowner to enjoy your home and more importantly, your life.

Members with us receive weekly house checks, inspections, and reports, especially during inclement weather and storms, which can be common on the Jersey Shore. You can rest assured that your home is in great hands, even when you can’t be there.

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Our Teams & Services, Trusted By Longport

We’ve assembled Longport’s best teams with the experienced, expert eye for whatever your home needs, including building and maintenance teams. Our members enjoy access to the best home professionals, with specialists available for every area in your home — from painting to HVAC and plumbing to major renovations, one call does it all. Now, you won’t have to worry about a thing during your next home project.

We will reach out each winter to help you plan ahead for your summer in Longport with a survey to prepare your house for open-up services. And when the summer comes to a close, we’ll check in again with a close-down survey. But we’ll still be there for you all year long — members have 24/7 access to our team, year-round. If something comes up, we’ll have someone in Longport right away to check on your home for you.

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A Beautiful Home In Longport, Worry-Free

With its charming small town, coastal atmosphere, Longport, New Jersey makes it a great place to live or spend your summers. Whether you can be found relaxing on the beach, visiting Atlantic City, or exploring the Pork Island Wildlife Management Area, we want our members to focus on enjoying the very best parts of Longport, not worrying about their home maintenance.

Wondering if a home concierge service is the right choice for your Longport property? Here are three great reasons for Longport homeowners to consider a membership with C. Alexander:

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1 | Peace of Mind

Becoming a member with a home concierge service like C. Alexander has countless benefits, but peace of mind is the best of all. You will love the feeling of knowing that your property is in good hands when you’re away. Rest assured, the best teams in Longport are working on your projects, and whenever you need a hand, someone from our team will be there.

2 | Less Stress In Home Maintenance

Big or small, projects and maintenance can get stressful when there’s so much to deal with at home. A membership at C. Alexander will take that stress away. Helping you maintain your Longport property is what we do best, so whether you’re looking for a plumber, a house cleaner, a builder, or something in between, we can find the best professionals for you to take project maintenance off your plate.

3 | Professional Service, Guaranteed

One of the hardest parts of home maintenance is finding the best team for any job. With our incredible network of home professionals, the hardest part just got a lot easier. Just let us know what you’re planning for your home, and we’ll reach out through Atlantic County to find the perfect people to come to your home in Longport and get the job done. We’ll find the most reliable, experienced, and trusted professionals and send them to your home.

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